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SembCorp Marine (SMM) right (or left?) share

Sembcorp Marine right share did not get subscribed leading to Temasek scooping them all. That’s huge capital worth $1B. The TXRP for the 5-for-1 right share issuance was calculated to be $0.31 but unfortunately theoretical remained theoretical. The counter (SGX:THFR) on where right was trading has been lackluster as well. It was hovering between 0.1Continue reading “SembCorp Marine (SMM) right (or left?) share”

Perennial delisting

Perennial #delisting (40S,SI) announced that they are going to be delisted from SGX. The majority shareholder will offer a slight premium of $0.95 per share to purchase shares held in public hands. Prior to this announcement speculation of Perennial has already begun since mid May. See the post here. “…said in an evening disclosure thatContinue reading “Perennial delisting”

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